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Get Your Body Ready for Child Bearing

Deciding to start a family and have a baby is a big one. Your whole life will change and that includes your body. Along with getting your body ready for child bearing, you also need to prepare your mind for this. It's going to take a big chunk of your life and you need to

Infertility: The Art of Not Giving Up

So many things in life require endurance and time. Sometimes we let go of certain hopes or dreams because it's not realistic, whilst there are others that are worth holding on to. The want and need to keep going becomes a part of your personality but if you're not born with this, how do you

How Does Infertility Affect You?

You never think that you will be the one to be an infertility statistic. This only happens to other people, not to you. But what happens when it does happen to you? How do you handle it? Infertility can be a tough pill to swallow, metaphorically. Finding out that it is you that is unable

Is it Always Love at First Sight When You Have a Baby?

Finding out that you’re going to have a baby is an exciting feeling especially if you’ve been trying so hard and for so long. You have a wide array of emotions that fills you with everything from joy to anxiety. These are all natural emotions because your hormones are going to have a field day

Preparation Tips for Pregnancy

If you have decided that you want to have a baby, then it may be an exciting time for you. Pregnancy is a quite an experience for most women. Every woman experiences it differently and the symptoms may differ too. Once you've made the decision, how do you prepare for pregnancy? First of all, you

Infertility: Myths and Truths

Everyone has their opinion about infertility. If you are unable to conceive and don't know why yet, then you have probably been bombarded with advice and suggestions. Aunties may tell you what home remedies to take and uncles may give you unsolicited advice about intercourse. There are so many myths about infertility yet only a

When Is the Right Age to Have a Baby?

Having a baby is a big decision. Your whole life changes and it changes forever. There are so many things to consider when having a baby because it's not only your life that changes but also that of your partner and your families. A child can bring much joy to your world because you get

Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

If you've had trouble conceiving it is very important that you take good care of yourself during the pregnancy. It is best to be cautious rather than try to be brave because that is what society expects from the modern woman. There are more important things in this world than being subject to the expectations

Infertility: Can Your Own Body Be Its Own Worst Enemy?

There are so many causes for infertility and they are usually external factors such as lifestyle choices. Smoking, eating unhealthily, drug use and environmental factors all play a role in infertility. However, your own body can also play a role in infertility and sometimes it can be your own worst enemy. The body's own antibodies

Infertility: Why Is It So Difficult to Conceive a Baby?

For many people it doesn't take much effort but for others it may be difficult to conceive baby. It may take a few weeks to a few months for a normal couple to fall pregnant however other couples do not have any success. If you do not conceive after a period of 12 months, it