IVM is a suitable alternative to standard IVF for women <36 years of age amongst others, those who have polycystic ovaries on ultrasound scan.

In IVM, the hormone treatment of the women is eliminated or minimised, and the eggs are matured in vitro in specially formulated IVM media. The subsequent insemination and fertilisation takes place in vitro as in conventional IVF or ICSI procedures.

Embryos are then transferred to the womb a few days later. The egg collection is performed in a similiar way as a standard IVF collection. Since minimal stimulation is required the need to buy and take daily gonadotropin injections is avoided and no down-regulation is not usually required. IVM requires the attendance of the woman undergoing treatment for about one week only, with little or no impact on daily life.

This means IVM is safer (no risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome), cheaper (no need to buy injectable drugs) and quicker.